The Society for a Re-Natural Environment (SRNE)has initiated the Eat Local Invasives program to encourage you to incorporate locally invasive plants into your “local” diet.

“Eating local” has gained in popularity as a great benefit to both the environment
and the economy, by using less fuel to transport food and supporting area businesses. Eating invasive species, although still a marginal activity, has also been gaining momentum.

Invasive species pose serious threats because they spread rapidly, crowding and outcompeting other species, greatly reducing biodiversity and compromising the health of local ecosystems. The six plant species highlighted in this project are delicious, nutritious and free. Removing them from the environment and placing them on your dinner plate can reduce the harmful effects these species have on the local ecosystem.

Eat Local Invasives marks our largest effort to date and the only one focused exclusively on plants. This program is also the first time we combine the idea of eating invasive species with eating locally. Six plants were selected because they’re relatively easy to locate, harvest and cook. For this program, The SRNE chose not to promote the killing and eating of invasive animals due to several ethical and practical concerns.

BD Collier, Founder and President
The Society for a Re-Natural Environment

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