Garlic Mustard



Found in moist shaded areas, forest edges, forest
clearings and trailsides.

Herbaceous plant from 1-3 feet tall. First year plant has rosettes of 3-4 dark green, scallop-edged, kidney-shaped leaves. Second year plant has serrated edges, pointed leaves with small white flower clusters on one or two flowering stems. Leaves and stems have a garlicky smell when crushed. Taste of raw leaves is
reminiscent of garlic and mustard with a bitter edge. Seeds grow in slender capsules 1-2 inches long. 

When to collect:
Spring, early summer and fall.

Which parts are edible:
Leaves and flowers in spring and early summer. Leaves of new growth in late summer and fall. Seeds as soon as they mature in late summer. Root can be used like horseradish.

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